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Future River Film Series: The Revolution Generation

In collaboration with EarthLab, ROCO Films International and its grant funders, Future Rivers is pleased to present our Spring 2022 Series virtual screening of the documentary Revolution Generation. This film is an exploration of the world-changing activism and potential of the largest youth generation in history. 

Future Rivers Film Series: Into Dust

In collaboration with EarthLab & the Jackson School’s South Asia Center, Future Rivers is pleased to present our Fall 2021 Series virtual screening of the documentary Into Dust. This film is about the Pakistani water crisis and one woman’s fight for justice for the city’s most vulnerable residents. 

Summer Common Core Book and Event Preview

This summer’s book is Mississippi Solo by Eddy Harris. We hope this selection will foster deep discussion on cultural connections to water and nature, the importance of diverse voices and values in environmental work, and what it means to push our limits of physical and emotional abilities.

Future Rivers Spring Speaker Series

Save the dates for our upcoming lunchtime film and speaker series! Each session will start with a one-hour screening of an episode of the PBS docuseries H2O The Molecule That Made Us, followed by a facilitated conversation and open Q&A with an expert panel focused on main themes of that episode (e.g., big data, history and civilization, and the intersection of health and global water politics). 

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