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Future Rivers is a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship that prepares University of Washington graduate students to be fluent in 21st century data science approaches. Students will develop new technical skills, be a part of innovative scientific research, improve their communication skills, increase their cultural awareness, and much more.

Meet Our Community

Each year we welcome a new, diverse cohort of University of Washington graduate students and faculty to the program. Together with our partners, our team brings a wide-range of multidisciplinary experience and a passion for transforming freshwater science.

Future Rivers + EarthLab

As an EarthLab initiative, students in the program will learn to work in applied ways within career fields outside of academia to create a solid foundation that connects academic, government, industry, and community partners.

Latest News

Giving Land Back is Really the Bottom Line

This month’s UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs student blog features a conversation with Dina Gilio-Whitaker, a prominent author and scholar on the history and displacement of Indigenous peoples. Gilio-Whitaker is also the author of this quarter’s EarthLab Equity and Justice Book Club book “As Long as the Grass Grows.”
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