This page provides a curated collection of resources related to our October 14, 2021 event “Eddy Harris in Conversation with Chukundi Salisbury” following a screening of Mr. Harris’ film “River to the Heart.”

The amount of historical research, poetry, travelogues, environmental projects, community happenings, musings, images, stories, songs, and every other medium related to the Mississippi River has no bounds. We invite you to think about and explore your own connections to the river and the many peoples who have called it home since time immemorial. 

Eddy Harris Website

Why We Must: On Diversity In the Outdoors by Eddy Harris

“I Know Paris Better Than Any Other City in the World”

Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans and the Great Outdoors

Ariel Path from the Mississippi Headwaters to the Gulf (this will run automatically after you click the link)

Itasca State Park – Mississippi River Headwaters Live Stream

Spotify Mississippi River Playlist (one of our favorites out of many!)

Great River Road: Canada to Gulf Maps and Attractions

The Mississippi River Network

River Field Studies Network


“I have watched this river since I was small, too young to realize the burdens the  Mississippi carries are more than barges loaded with grain and coal, that the river carries as well sins and salvation, dreams and adventure and destiny.” – Eddy Harris

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